Wednesday, 16 July 2014

En Vacances

A few snaps taken on a little disposable camera whilst holidaying in the glorious south of France with my good friend Von. 
Days were sun-soaked and chilled, evenings were spent catching up on all the goss from our respective years at uni, wine glass in hand. We rented a great little apartment in Nice for the duration of our trip, found on airbnb's website. It was in a quiet location, 10 mins from the beach and close to a little supermarket and plentiful boulangeries for the obligatory baguettes. Great value for money, especially seeing as we had a cute little kitchen which meant we didn't have to pay for meals out. See the apartment here. Nothing quite like taking a day trip to Monaco with a lunch box in your bag, we were both SUCH students. Von is my thriftspiration, an absolute eBay queen with a killer wardrobe. Check out her style at  THE GRAPEVINE. Was very sad to leave this beautiful part of the world, but thankfully all the sunbathing paid off and we both returned home with a hint of a Riviera glow.


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