Friday, 6 June 2014

Summer Style - the Green sisters

Over the next few months I am going to be blogging about the looks and trends that myself and my sibling (the smaller Green) will be channeling. Our styles do vary quite a lot, although we are constantly inspiring each other with new ideas for outfits. Smaller Green is still in sixth form, so a lot of her clothes verge towards the 'business wear' side of things, as is the school dress code, although she makes sure that she always puts her own quirky mark on looks. As for me, my life this year has been mostly a constant battle to try and stay warm trudging to lectures up in Edinburgh, while attempting to look nonchalantly cool in wide brimmed black fedoras and cut out heeled ankle boots. I haven't yet managed to make it all the way to uni without the hat flying off onto the windscreens of unsuspecting cars and garden hedges. Not quite the Chelsea Chic vibe I was going for.
Anyway, I'm back home in green green Oxfordshire for the summer, and today's looks were a matter of finding that balance between embracing the summer and getting our legs out, while remembering that it's actually still not quite pushed 20 degrees yet.. Classic Britain.

My outfit: playsuit- TRF Zara; sunglasses- New Look; sandals- Topshop; headscarf- vintage.
Smaller Green's outfit: pinafore dress- Topshop; grey top- not sure; cut-out boots- Marks and Spencer; sunglasses- stand at a festival.