Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Happy Street Day

From my perspective, Shelbourne Road is just another long, fairly anonymous Bournemouth street.
Nothing really happens here.
Other than the occasional social gathering in the corner shop, we go about our daily routines side by side and yet our paths never seem to overlap. I only really know my next door neighbour Paul and his dog Foo. I don't know who lives opposite, or 2 houses down, which really makes for quite a sad state of affairs.
So how can I make a difference?
One smile at a time.

I don't intend to change the world. but I know that if you brighten one person's day they are highly likely to brighten someone else's. Happy Street Day took place on Monday 15th April 2013. It was my personal mission to bring some unexpected cheer to my fellow Shelbournians, encouraging them only to stop for a moment and talk to one another.

This project was about inspiring people. So take my ideas and share them with your community.
Go on, spread a little joy.


  1. Loved the balloons spilling out of the letter box. Cheered me up!

  2. Keep making things like this :)

  3. This is totally cute. Love you motivation. :)


  4. Genius! and wonderfully generous :)

  5. Love it!! I'm trying to something similar (but on a smaller scale!). Keep it up!

  6. Very nice idea congratulations!!!!!!!!! Keep on with making this a better world with your cretivity. Greattings from Ensenada, México.

  7. This is a beautiful project. I hope you do things like this often, or at least make an annual Happy Street Day! I do a lot of RAOKs and street art installations that I think you might enjoy. I wish you were closer so we could collaborate. Keep up the inspiration.

    1. Thanks for your comment! I would love to see your work, it's great to be inspired by people with similar intentions.

  8. Fantastic work. Me and my friends did something like that last year (just posters, nothing compared to what you did) and its really great. We'll try to make something like it here in Brazil to.
    Congratulations, you're Wonder!

  9. Hi!
    I was really very inspired by what you did!
    Mentioned what you did in my latest blog post on my motivation blog!
    Really hope that more people can inspire others like you have :)
    Keep it up! :)

    Yours sincerely,
    Toran Seth
    Always Lifting You Higher

  10. Hello, girl
    Congratulations on your attitude. We are disseminating their Gento gorgeous in Brazil: http://www.camilalourenco.com.br/post/131/menina-levanta-antes-das-5-da-manha-para-deixar-mensagem-na-rua-para-vizinhos


  11. This is really, really inspiring. Thank you for sharing your warmth.

    - Valerie